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Wrote/edited 5 books and 4 special issues.
1) Structures and interactions of ionic liquids. S. J. Zhang, J. J. Wang,X. M. Lu, Q. Zhou. Springer, 2014.
2) Ionic liquids: physicochemical properties. S. J. Zhang, X. M. Lu, Q. Zhou. Elsevier, 2009.
3) Ionic liquids and green chemistry. S. J. Zhang, C. M. Xu, X. M. Lu, Q. Zhou. Beijing: Science Press, 2009.
4) Ionic liquids-From fundamental to application. S. J. Zhang, X. M. Lu. Beijing: Science Press, 2006.
5) Green process system integration. S. J. Zhang, X. P. Zhang. Beijing: China Petrochemical Press, 2006.
6) Fundamentals of ionic liquids (in Production of biofuels and chemicals with ionic liquids). J. L. Xu, Q. Zhou, X. X. Wang, X. M. Lu, S. J. Zhang. Springer, 2014.
7) Ionic liquids and relative process design (in Structure and bonding, volume: Molecular thermodynamics of complex system).S. J. Zhang, X. M. Lu, Y. Q. Zhang, et al. Springer, 2008.
8) Present situation and development trend of process engineering (in Chemical engineering in twenty-first Century, Chapter 2). J. H. Li, S. J. Zhang, D. Shi. Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2004.
9) Molecular engineering and process engineering (in Chemical engineering in twenty-first Century, the second part in Chapter 3). S. J. Zhang, X. P. Zhang.Beijing: Chemical Industry Press, 2004.
10) Science and engineering foundation of ionic liquids (in Process engineering-material, energy and wisdom), S. J. Zhang, G. Y. Zhao, Q. Zhou, et al. Beijing: Science Press, 2010.

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